Wills and Estates

Issues surrounding inheritance and organ donation can make some people uncomfortable, but properly prepared wills and advance directive documents (also called “living wills”) can save people months of stress and aggravation and thousands of dollars.

What is a Will? Your will is a document that directs how your property is to be disposed of at your death. It designates a person responsible for gathering your property, for paying any debts and taxes, and for distributing whatever property is left to your beneficiaries. A will may provide for the appointment of a guardian for minor children, for a trustee to manage property, and/or for money to be used for someone else’s benefit.

What s a Living Will? A living will or medical power of attorney gives authority to a third party to make decisions and/or take action regarding life-sustaining medical treatment in the event you become incompetent to make such decisions on your own behalf. A living will or medical power of attorney is a very useful tool both for those who would not want extraordinary means used to prolong life as well as for those who would want every means to prolong life.

Wills are essential for every family — not just the wealthy — and we can provide reasonably priced services for simple wills and living wills.

If you want to ensure a smooth transition of your assets and lessen the burden on your family, contact us today to make proper arrangements for yourself and your family. Get the peace of mind that comes with making these decisions earlier rather than later.

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